RawArtists.org Art Showcase in Orlando - October 2012
Being interviewed at the opening reception "Colorful Liaisons" at Art Fusion Gallery in Miami. January 2013
Discussing theme and inspiration at Art Fusion Gallery
Opening reception for "Subjects of Splendor" at Art Fusion Gallery in Miami. April 2013
My art is on Google Maps! Check out Art Fusion Gallery on Google Maps!
Had an opportunity to graffiti (in chalk) some characters at the Orlando Drip studio during their Art night
During Drip's Art Night in Orlando I decided to make a chalk mural on the wall when little did I know, renowned artist Thomas Thorspecken was painting the event scene. Your's truly is shown here drawing on the wall!
Check out his website at http://www.analogartistdigitalworld.com/
Painting Live at Drip's Art Night in Orlando.
Performance artists during an Art Networking event in Orlando
You can see more of Thomas Thorspecken's work at http://www.analogartistdigitalworld.com/
Performing live at the Wandering Eye Art Gallery in Ybor City.
It's fun to watch people watching me.
Opening night of my first Featured Show at the Wandering Eye Art Gallery in Ybor
More live performance during my featured showcase at the Wandering Eye Art Gallery.
Featured in the music video "She Say" by Darnel Holloway.
Live painting outside of the Wandering Eye Art Gallery on 7th ave in Ybor.
My home art studio. Do what you love, love what you do!
Painting in my home studio.
Live art performance at the Wadering Eye Art Gallery with actor/comedian J Luis.
During my interview with Enfoque Magazine.
Bringing some fairytale magic to the Wandering Eye Art Gallery.
Commissioned piece I did for this Air Force Veteran and art collector.
Comic themed night at the Wandering Eye Art Gallery
BiBi being fabulous at the Wandering Eye.
BoBo and BiBi making an appearance at one of the opening receptions at the Wandering Eye Art Gallery in Ybor.
Performing live outside of the Wandering Eye Art Gallery in Ybor City.
My gazer looking out Jack's shirt. :-)
First time painting the Jack Daniels statue with artists Oscar and Indy at the Crowbar in Ybor.
Painting Jack Daniels for the second time at Crowbar in Ybor.
Put my stamp on the Jack Daniels statue. My group won by the way!
During the Tampa General Hospital Foundation's Art Auction 2015. Giggles was auctioned by Mayor Bob Buckhorn! My characters were there apparently to Giggles a farewell.
A sneak peak of my featured show at the Wandering Eye Art Gallery April 2015.
Live painting Aries the Mermaid at Crowbar.
BiBi loves dancing!
Chuckling with Chuckles!
BiBi promoting the Wandering Eye Art Gallery with a sexy EyeBall!
Tampa Bay Tedx Stage moments before I did my talk.
Yours truly talking about where inspiration comes from as an artist, and how to take full advantage of your own ideas. Tedx Tampa Bay September 2015.
Some of the Wandering Eye Art Gallery's artists during our September featured artist event for Antwan Towner. The theme was Steampunk.
Steam Punk LuLu at your service!
This picture was captured during the Steam Punk Ball at the Castle in Centro Ybor September 2015.
Artysta Lulu personifying "Elektra" the party-girl robot.
Lucy is so lucky to have found a good home! Art speaks to your personality!
I even do realism! Ha Ha Ha!
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